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Twelve shirts across four sizes and two sleeve styles; each is an unique one-off piece.

Inspired by intricate patterns of fresh snowfall on winter heather. Inspired by stark lace framing hands and faces in darkly glowing 16th and 17th century portraits. The Twelfth Night collection plays on contrasts: of dark and light; of densely layered pattern and elegant unadorned cloth; of relaxed contemporary cut and historically inspired details.

Bold screen-printed cuffs and collars frame the face and hands; whilst the loose cut is comfortable and flattering. Easy to wear, versatile statement shirts for a myriad of occasions; from the festivities of dark winter nights to the celebrations of bright summer days.

Garments made from fabric collections...the leftovers, hand-me-downs and awkward sized bits that sit for years waiting to become something. In the Collection Collection they are brought out from the MacFin cupboards and under-bed boxes and carefully crafted into unique pieces of clothing. Down to buttons and bias binding – as much as possible everything comes from my existing collection. Each garment is a one off. Being made from second hand or scrap fabrics, their environmental footprint is much lower than a garment made from new fabric.

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